Reclaimed Flooring

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Reclaimed hardwood floors are not only gorgeous, they make every project completely unique. Can you imagine having Al Gore's Grandfather's barn as your hardwood floors? One of our clients can tout that! 


Custom Patterns and Inlays

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Custom Hardwood Floor inlay Simply Southern Flooring.jpg

Transform your space with a one of a kind installation. Ask us about it in your estimate.

Custom Borders

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Tie in every room in the house with a unique border your neighbor doesn't have.

The team at Simply Southern Flooring came highly recommended and we will be continuing that trend. Our new home had existing hardwoods in most rooms but was carpeted in some, so we wanted to bring Brilliance in to make the floors look new again and restore some durability. Halfway through pulling up carpet in the guest room, we discovered that only 25% of its floor was existing hardwood... and the other 75% was PLYWOOD. Simply Southern Flooring did not skip a beat and had new wood ordered immediately and quoted us a very fair price for the additional labor/costs. A lesser company would have added a week (and a LOT more $$$) onto the project - but Simply Southern Flooring was still able to get the entire 1,400 sq.ft house done WITH installing a whole room’s worth of new hardwood in less than five days.

The results speak for themselves, and their open communication throughout the entire process. We could not recommend the pros at Simply Southern Flooring any higher!
— Jon Bumpus, Home Owner
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